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Email not only takes up a lot of your time, but also a great deal of energy, and it is a major source of interruption throughout the workday. Today we say a big NO to chaos and show you how to be more productive in the email department, with proven tips and tricks and the invaluable help of our desktop organizer software.

Ready to meet the solution to your productivity needs? Let us begin!


  1. 1. Connect all of your email accounts into one dashboard.

Instead of switching back and forth multiple email accounts, be they Gmail, Outlook, or ZohoMail, just add them to OneDock’s dashboard and you will see new messages across all of them at a glance.


  1. 2. Schedule specific times to check your email.

And stick to the schedule, of course. This way, you can better focus on your priorities without distractions.


  1. 3. Organize your tasks with specialized apps.

Whether a fan of Wunderlist, Todoist, or OneNote, these apps are all integrated with OneDock and they are definitely more efficient than plain email flags or stars when it comes to getting things done.


  1. 4. Turn off email alerts.

But enable notifications for special senders. Not all emails are equally important and the icons or sounds alerting you should only be kept for the messages that you cannot miss, like an email from your boss.


  1. 5. Postpone checking email in the morning.

Emails can be stressful and disruptive, so start off your day by reviewing your goals and priorities instead. Then, pick an easy task off that list, get it done, and you will see how the day ahead already looks better.


6. Outlook tip: Setup Quick Steps.

You can manage your Outlook mailbox quicker by applying multiple actions in one click, whether it involves moving the message to a certain folder or forwarding it to your team. And you can use this function just as fine from OneDock as you would from the standalone Outlook desktop app.


  1. 7. Outlook & Gmail tip: Create rules to filter your emails.

This helps you stay organized and be more productive without extra effort on your part. Actually, we are sure you are already familiar with it, right? Worth mentioning, nonetheless.


  1. 8. Immediately check off quick tasks.

Got a task in an email and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete? Then do it right away so that you can cross it off your to-do list and do not have to worry about it anymore.


  1. 9. Do not send unnecessary emails.

Thanking teammates for having sent you the information you needed or simply confirming the receipt of their messages only lengthens the thread, taking up extra time for all parties involved. If you feel like a short reply is needed, then resort to instant messaging. OneDock allows you to swiftly access Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger (and the likes), so no excuse there...


  1. 10. Make use of email templates.

If you often find yourself composing similar replies, better turn them into a template. It saves you so much time and energy. Promise!


  1. 11. Write emails efficiently, including all necessary information.

This way, you avoid a cascade of back and forth emails with explanations, saving not only your time, but that of your peers as well.


  1. 12. Reduce the number of emails you receive.

However it may sound, it does not take magic to achieve it. All you have to do is unsubscribe from lists that you do not actually read and review the email notification settings of your social apps. Ta-daaam!


  1. 13. Archive instead of deleting.

There is enough space for all your emails, and some may come in handy at a later date. With OneDock’s One Search feature you will be able to quickly sift through them when needing a certain piece of information. That really is the quickest way to find what you are looking for!


  1. 14. If you open an email, take further action.

Whether you need to delegate it, reply to it, or just keep it for future use, take the appropriate action upon opening an email: just forward, reply, or move it to the designated folder. This way, you only have to deal with it once, instead of rereading it later. Oh, and if you can tell from the subject line and sender that there is no need to reply right away and you simply do not have the time, just do not open it yet.


  1. 15. Follow a good email etiquette.

Your time is precious, and so is that of your colleagues. Only CC them if absolutely necessary and never forward a long chain of emails without including a brief summary at the top.


Once you turn the above recommendations into habit, you will see that the time you usually spend on email management is cut in half. That is really worth it, so... stay organized and get work done efficiently with OneDock! Cheers to no more chaos!