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Oh, dear procrastination… We all love to practice you, but we must fight against you!

It’s like running in circles: we’d love to get more things done at work, but at the same time, we can’t help ourselves and waste tiny bits of time, here and there, throughout the day.

Procrastination is a natural tendency of human behavior. It manifests as a form of protection. The brain tries to avoid doing things that we don’t like, by replacing them with more enjoyable alternatives.

Think: what would you rather do - an urgent and sudden presentation or watch half of an episode from your favorite TV series? Chances are, the second alternative appeals more to you.

Let’s delve deeper into the art of procrastination, especially the digital one. Below, we identified some of the most frequently used types of procrastination and offered in handy solutions on how to beat them. Let us know which one sounds more like you!

Digital procrastination types

1. “I’m too worried to start” Procrastination

Every human being feels anxiety at work, on a certain level. There’s functional anxiety, which enables you to fulfill all your tasks within the day, but you can also experience high level anxiety, which prevents you from accomplishing your to do list.

Procrastination driven by anxiety happens when you stress yourself on starting or completing any task or decision.

Your procrastination type is called The Worrier.

We’re sure at some point, the following scenario happened to you, too: you have a big task on your list. This task requires a lot of hours, work and concentration from you. You don’t feel like starting it, so you’d rather do pretty much anything else: scroll down on social media, initiate a chat with a friend, watch short videos on YouTube, maybe even start watching 10 minutes of your favorite TV show.

The name for all of these activities? Yes, digital procrastination!

How to beat it

Fear no more of big tasks, here’s what you can do: start with other small tasks on your list. These will introduce you in the working mode, enhance concentration and eventually, you will dread less of the big task ahead.

To diminish anxiety procrastination of big and complex tasks, you can separate them into smaller ones and finish them piece by piece.

2. “There’s plenty of time” Procrastination

When you have a lot of time on your hands, you don’t mind wasting some of it on anything else not related to working. Especially when no one is watching your every move. You work best when the deadline is right behind you. Only pressure motivates you to start the task.

Your procrastination type is called The Crisis-maker.

How to beat it

If your work is flexible enough and deadlines are far away, try setting other deadlines for yourself and make them public. Tell your friends, your co-workers or family about them. The public commitment you take upon yourself will fuel your motivation and push you to meet all deadlines.

3. “No room for mistakes” Procrastination

You call yourself a perfectionist, since you always strive to do your best. But there’s a downside to this etiquette: you constantly criticize your work. The fear of failing or delivering low quality tasks are super overwhelming and it only prevents you from starting anything.

Your procrastination type is called The Perfectionist.

How to beat it

Try spending less time on details in order to get the job “perfectly done”. Perfection is an idealism towards which many people run, but in business, it’s better to get the job done on time than delivering late and “perfect”.

Establish clear objectives for every task you have and stick to it. For instance, if you have a report to do, make the purpose clear: it should present how data changed in the last months, so stick to charts and figures, rather than explaining it in dandy words.

4. “There’s too much to do” Procrastination

Do you have a tendency of saying “Yes” to every task? You might be an overdoer and your type of procrastination relies on panicking when you have too much to do, you don’t know where to start, so instead, you do nothing, so oops, you’re wasting precious time.

This happens when you are unable to decide among tasks of similar importance and establish clear priorities, for you or for everyone that comes to you for help.

Been there, done that? Your procrastination type is The Avoider. Here’s the solution you’ve been looking for:

How to beat it

If you know your to do list is full, tell others about a possible day and time interval when you could be available to help them.

Practice saying “No”. It’s hard to do so when you like to make everyone else happy, but you’re at work to deliver tasks, not to take care of the emotions of others.

By setting clear deadlines and taking just as many tasks as you can do in one day, without resorting to overtime, it’s a big step towards preventing procrastination and being more efficient.

Procrastination in the digital age

Getting lost in all the e-mails, chats, calls, apps and productivity or time management tools we often use in our daily work lives comes naturally, especially if you work in a digital environment. So digital procrastination is a real thing.

You lose a lot of time searching through e-mails, reading tasks descriptions, logging in your time spent on this or that task, logging in to multiple accounts and social networks, opening multiple page browsers in an attempt to keep them all together…

Take a deep breath with us and stop! There’s a solution for all of this chaos and it’s called OneDock.

OneDock is a desktop organizer app which keeps everything important to you, work related, in a single dashboard, 100% customizable.

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As we all know, the number one enemy of procrastination is a proper organization, and OneDock offers you just that: all apps and tools in one place, better time control, work efficiency, a clean desktop and a clear mind.

Try OneDock and beat digital procrastination. Better today than tomorrow, right?