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“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” a new desktop app was born: OneDock. No, this is not the intro of a Sci-Fi movie, it’s the reality. Except this has not happened that long time ago and definitely not in another galaxy. Also, we’re not going to present to you a fictive story, but 5 proven facts why you should install OneDock today and how this desktop app can improve your productivity and your team’s at work.

A quick tip: if you install it until March 31, 2021, you get upgraded to the Premium account FOR FREE!

1. You have all your accounts and passwords in one place

We’ve never been as digital-oriented as today, that’s for sure. And we all know the main reason for this: the-thing-which-must-not-be-named.

Since most of us were forced to adopt the work-from-home style, we have also had to create various accounts on all sorts of online platforms in order to continue doing our daily tasks and keep in touch with our team. Whether it’s a communication tool, a task manager, a CRM or any other tool you use on a regular basis, you can find or add them in OneDock.

And if you want to free yourself from the burden of remembering tens of different passwords, you can always use a password manager. At least three of them are already integrated with OneDock: 1password, Okta, and ZenyPass are waiting for you in the app.

Just imagine starting your working day and using only one app to rule them all, instead of having a dozen icons occupying space on your taskbar (for Windows users) or dock (for Mac users). Quite a relief, isn’t it?

2. You collaborate better with your team

Whether you’re a marketer, a programmer, a product owner, a business analyst or even a freelancer, you have to keep updated with the people you’re collaborating with constantly. Also, you have to take into account that some people prefer a certain communication app, while for others, the same app can be a pain in the neck.

The good news is OneDock has integrations with Slack, Skype, Teams, Discord, ChatWork, Telegram and more. And the even better news is that if you don’t find an app there, you can add it yourself.

3. You manage your team’s tasks easier

Some studies revealed that we are able to remember three tasks at a time. As a team manager, you have to make sure none of your team members is overwhelmed with tasks. You can’t remember every task of every team member, no matter how small your team is.

Some of the task tracking apps you can use are Asana, Jira, Wunderlist, Todoist, Wrikle, Podio and ZohoMail. And you can already find them in OneDock. But as mentioned above, you can always add new ones, if there’s a specific task tracking app you like to use and can’t find in the OneDock catalogue.

To make everything even more efficient, you can also try one of the task managing strategies that many companies, big or small, use already. There’s no right or wrong strategy. You can either test them all to see which one works best for your team or choose one from the very beginning. It will help you a lot in keeping track of each task’s progress.

4. Which means you can manage deadlines easier

Keeping track of what task each member of your team is working on is extremely important. Not because you need to keep an eye on them and ensure they spend their working time efficiently, but because you need to know exactly when a project will be finished and what the possible impediments might be. After all, you’re a team leader/manager, not a task police officer.

5. There are no geographic barriers

Let’s face it. What started in 2020 and is still going on today has changed our lives forever and has brought the WFA (Work-from-Anywhere) concept into the spotlight. You can work from home or from anywhere you want: a cafeteria in Paris, a sunny beach in the Maldives, a cottage somewhere in the Alps or anywhere you feel comfortable and, of course, have access to the internet.

OneDock is the desktop app that breaks not only the geographic barriers within your team but also the barriers between the apps you use, as it brings all of them into one place. It’s like a hub for all your apps if you like.

Bonus advantage: the OneSearch option

OneDock is a desktop app that helps you organize your apps and tools you use every day at work. The dashboard is customizable and you can choose which apps to show on your main screen and which ones to appear only on the left bar.

The OneSearch option allows you to search for information across all your apps. Just think about all the times you needed to find something quick and you just couldn’t remember which app you used or mentioned that thing on. With OneDock, you save a great deal of time and reach the important things quicker and easier.

Final thoughts

There might be other reasons why OneDock should become your number one task-tracking software, but we let you discover them all. Remember there’s a limited-time offer and you can get a Premium license for FREE if you download the OneDock app until March 31.

And if you want to share your thoughts on the app on social media, you’re more than welcome.