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A Time-Saving Solution You Have to Try Now – One Search

Published: February 7,2020

Did you know that 25% of your time at work is spent searching for documents and information, taking up to 8 searches per successful find?

It may sound appalling in this day and age, yet it’s true.

Since the first studies on the matter were carried out 20 years ago a lot has changed for the better in terms of indexing and organizing information at the company level, but the increasing number of apps that users need on a daily basis, whether for communication purposes or task management, still makes it difficult for them to find what they need. And this difficulty translates into heaps of wasted time. A shame, really.

Good news is that you can do something about it right away, by making use of OneDock’s unified search feature. Let’s take a look at an example you have most certainly come across more often than you would have wished for…


You have a task at hand, but you need more details in order to proceed.

One of your colleagues has already given you that information at some point, but you don’t know exactly who, when and, more importantly, how.

Was it an e-mail, a Slack conversation?

Was it in a live meeting and you wrote it down in Evernote, a Google file or Microsoft Office?

The mere thought of searching through each and every app is giving you a headache.


It almost gave us one just writing about it. But all the chaos can be easily sifted and sorted, picking out exactly what you need with just one search query.

There really isn’t much else to say… You just open OneDock (actually, you already have it open, right?), hit Search and watch it go in a jiffy through emails, files, to-dos, notes, contacts, across all the SaaS apps you have connected. Like an instant pain reliever.

All the time you gain this way can undoubtedly be put to much better use. Not to mention the mood boost you get by not reaching one dead-end after another. One Search. OneDock.


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Marius is the Account Manager at Interactions Agency and takes care of the OneDock app developed by Deutsche Telekom.

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