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Can an app help increase your productivity? Without a doubt. Is there an app for everything? Most probably.

But what is truly important is to choose the apps that best fit your needs and to optimize their usage. After all, the right tools make all the difference when properly employed.


Discover OneDock’s App Catalog

With over 100 SaaS apps to choose from and the commitment to continuously expand, our App Catalog brings you the most popular and useful communication apps, social media, to-do lists, email services, CRM, productivity tools and… well, everything you need on a daily basis at work.

The apps available within OneDock can help you:

  • Manage your emails efficiently.
  • Organize your ideas and notes.
  • Improve teamwork and collaboration.
  • Declutter with cloud storage.
  • Simplify your customer interaction.

To name a few, that is.


Integrated Apps

Beyond the comfort and increased efficiency of accessing all your SaaS apps in one place, we also bring you extra perks for our special selection of Integrated Apps.

These can be added to the OneDock dashboard so that you can see their real-time feeds in just one screen. Or, you could fully benefit from the unified search feature, meaning it only takes one search query to sift through them.


Custom Apps

We know that when it comes to desktop organizer tools one size doesn’t fit all. So… go ahead and add your own apps and web pages to truly tailor OneDock to your needs. That’s exactly what it was intended for!

Would you like to use an app that is not currently in our portfolio? Send us your suggestions! We are always on the lookout for new additions. In short, you make your choices and we do our best to offer you our support. Easy as pie. And equally delicious.