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Every now and then, you find yourself searching for productivity tips to help you get more things done at work? Rest assured, we’ve all been there. Regardless of the position you have within a company, working with digital tools has become a part of our lives.

Team members chat on instant messaging apps, hundreds of emails are exchanged, online meetings appear out of the blue and on top of that, we have to constantly prioritize tasks, projects or clients, to ensure we’ve got everything covered.

While all jobs come with great responsibilities, we’ve identified 5 which can benefit from using OneDock as their main app to increase productivity and get things organized at work. And if you want convincing evidence that OneDock is the app you never knew you needed in your work life, check this article.

5 jobs where OneDock can make a difference in terms of productivity

1. Project Manager

You’re the ninja that joggles with assigning tasks within the team and making sure every deadline is respected. You also keep in touch with clients and exchange thousands of emails each day. Chances are you are a master at time and task management, but to do so, you need to use a lot of apps each day. Some of these might be:

  • Asana, Teamwork or Jira, to organize and assign tasks, plus make sure your colleagues can log their working hours there;
  • Skype, Messenger or Whatsapp, to instant message your colleagues or superiors;
  • Email accounts and calendars, to establish meetings with clients and communicate with them.

And the list can go on, we know. But wouldn’t it be cool to have all these apps in a single dashboard, 100% customizable, where you can search with just one click and a few keywords for every piece of information? Plus, your screen would be clean, which will help alleviate some of the organization pressure.

Switch to OneDock and keep all the apps you work with every day in a single space. Trust us, it will do you so good that you won’t remember how your working days were like before you’ve discovered the magic of using OneDock.

2. Freelancer

A freelancer’s life is often envied by employees because it seems so carefree and easy. Well, it’s not. Despite the constant battle to find clients and projects constantly, in order to gain revenue, the freelancer deals with a lot of pressure in terms of time management. This is why organization and strong prioritization skills are required in this field.

If you work as a freelancer, you also must rely on digital tools to help you through the day. Time tracking and task lists are essential in this job, especially if you use an hourly rate to charge your clients. Emails and instant message apps are also part of the way you keep in touch with clients. Also, you probably work a lot with Google Drive Documents, Excel files or PowerPoint presentations, to collect faster feedback from your clients.

In this case, OneDock can also help you be more efficient when working, because it has integration with the most frequently used apps for chatting and time management. You can add and remove the apps you use whenever you feel like it. You can also add PayPal, Payfacile or ProfitWell, to easily track your revenue, as well.

3. Copywriter

Your job involves writing, which everyone thinks it’s easy peasy. In fact, the art of writing requires so much focus and a clear and clean environment that provides calm, yet inspires you to create texts that charm or educate clients.

For a copywriter, to be productive is highly important, as well as staying organized and producing better content. When you have many clients, you have to juggle multiple styles and tone of voices, and tend to the needs of everyone at the same time. No easy task, for sure.

OneDock can also be a copywriter’s best friend. Install it on your desktop, add the apps you use frequently and enjoy the relaxed screen that’s looking back at you when you take a break to search for inspiration.

Plus, the OneSearch feature will save you a huge amount of time. You type one word and OneDock will rapidly scan through emails, files, to-dos, notes and contacts across all the apps you’ve added in the dashboard, to find the information you need. How cool is that?

There’s more to discover at OneDock, but we’ll let you discover the full benefits after installing it.

4. Product Owner / Team Leader

When you’re in charge of a group of people and certain products, time is a precious resource. Managing it efficiently is challenging. Keeping up with the work of your team and delegating tasks to each member is mandatory. How do you do all that while staying productive and focused?

Well, you start by getting to know OneDock, the app that brings order to chaos and saves space on your screen. After adding all the email accounts, social accounts, you log into those accounts, and OneDock safely stores all your passwords with the Password Manager feature. This will offer you instant access to all accounts, without logging in and out every single time.

5. Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketers work in an ever changing environment, which can lead to intense pressure. They have to deal with overflowing task lists, which cause a great amount of stress. In order to minimise this stress, productivity and organization are critical to master. And OneDock is the best ally in this fight.

If you’re a digital marketer, you need tools such as Asana or Jira to keep your daily agenda in check and log time spent on tasks. Overtime can be easily tracked in this way. Do you use too many social accounts? Not a problem when you have OneDock. Add them in the dashboard, log with your credentials and you will have instant access to everything, without the hussle of logging in and out or the worry that you forgot the passwords.

Are you curious about all the apps that OneDock can keep in a single space? Take a look here.