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If we are to take one good thing from 2020, it is related to the fact that remote work can be applied for a lot more jobs in a lot more industries than we have initially thought of. There was a misconception that only people working in IT as developers could work remotely. Well, last year proved it wrong.

However, working remotely may come with some challenges for your team members, especially in terms of communication and project management. And this is where the OneDock app comes to help you. Check below the main reasons why you should start using it right away, not to mention that you can get the Premium version FOR FREE if you download it until the 31st of August 2021.

#1. Communication issues

One of the greatest fears many team managers had until last year regarding remote work was related to team communication. Many thought that if everyone worked from different locations, they wouldn’t be able to talk to each other efficiently.

Well, we live in the era of speed and technological advances. We use social media networks and all sorts of communication apps to talk to our friends and family. Why wouldn’t we use similar apps to talk to our colleagues from work as well?

The good thing is OneDock has integrations with tons of apps, from Facebook Messenger, Twitter and WhatsApp, to Microsoft Teams, Slack, ChatWork and many more. Additionally, if your team uses a custom-designed app, you can request to make it available in OneDock for all your team members.

#2. Project management issues

What system do you use when it comes to assigning tasks to colleagues? Or better said, do you use any system? If you haven’t tried the Agile methodology yet, now’s the time. There are so many apps that can help you with project organization and management, and you can find most of them already available in the OneDock app. Asana, Jira Software and Trello are only some examples.

These apps significantly improve efficiency and productivity in your team, regardless if you work remotely or from the office.

#3. Collaboration issues

When working in an office, it’s easy to share ideas, concepts and everything else with your colleagues. Most of the time, you gather around someone’s computer and start discussing that concept or project you’re working on. But this is something you can do even when working remotely.

Apps such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive are the perfect tools for content sharing. They significantly improve team collaboration regardless where you work from. And guess what, they are all available in the OneDock app. All you have to do is add them to your dashboard and sign in to your account.

#4. Productivity and time measurement

Does your team use a time measurement app? No problem, OneDock can help you with this as well. Harvest is one of the go-to apps for time and productivity measurement and it can be added to your OneDock account with just one click. And if your company uses a different time measurement software, let’s get in touch and talk about making it available in OneDock.

What else can OneDock help you with?

  • Remembering passwords: having accounts on various websites and apps and creating different passwords for each of them (because of security reasons) can be too much of a hassle sometimes. That’s why Password manager apps were invented, and you can find some of them in OneDock, such as 1password of ZenyPass.
  • One dashboard: imagine having one window that shows you all the apps and websites you need, and you can have a quick look over all of them at once. This is what’s waiting for you in OneDock.
  • One search: let’s say you’re working on a big project with a colleague, and you use multiple chat apps to discuss it. And at some point, you need a specific piece of information but can’t remember exactly what app to search for. OneDock allows you to have a quick and easy search across all your integrated apps, so you don’t have to waste any more precious time.
  • One app to rule them all: this is basically what OneDock offers you. You sign in to one app and have everything you need on a daily basis opened instantly. Quick. Easy. Productive. So you can start your working day right away.

Still not convinced? How about trying the Premium version of the app FOR FREE? Take advantage of the limited-time offer and download the app until the 31st of August.