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How to stay productive while working from home

Published: April 9,2020

If you thought productivity and working from home are incompatible, think again.

In fact, several studies show the exact opposite, as you are no longer interrupted by colleagues and there is also less disturbing background noise as opposed to an open office environment. If your neighbor isn’t a fan of power drills, that is.

Anyway, if you have just recently embarked on the remote working ship, it’s only natural that you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the distractions in your home. Motivation to accomplish the simplest of tasks might also be harder to find. The schedule becomes fuzzy. We know.

So, with you in mind, we have compiled a list of simple steps that can up your productivity and efficiency from the comfort of your home.


Define your workspace according to your needs and declutter it.

Besides the basic adjustments that you can make to your kitchen or living room table in order to give it a more office look, your computer can also benefit from decluttering. With fewer icons on your screen, you will be able to focus better, sooo… it’s high time you moved your older files to the cloud and got rid of all the unnecessary app shortcuts from your desktop.

With OneDock, you can instantly access your daily SaaS apps in just one interface, and you can sift through your cloud files with ease. If you haven’t already, working from home is a great opportunity to give it a try. Your smart helper will make it easier for you to adjust to telecommuting, as it gives you more screen space and fewer distractions. Woo-hoo!


Set a daily schedule (similar to your office one).

Whether you must closely collaborate with your colleagues or are pretty much on your own, having a fixed schedule is crucial when working remotely. For cooperation purposes, the best choice is to set your home schedule along the same start time, lunch break interval, and clocking out hour as in the office. 

If your job involves a great deal of creativity, feel free to adjust your schedule according to your best inspiration periods, but don’t let it be too loose… the less strict you are being with it, the more you will get swallowed up by the workload.


Keep your personal tasks off hours and discourage intrusions.

However tempting doing laundry might be (not!), try to keep your house chores outside working hours, as you would normally do while being in the office. Aaand, if you were glad that coworkers no longer interrupt you with chitter-chatter, then don’t let your housemates take their place. Establish boundaries, be they physical or psychological, and only allow for emergencies.


These fundamental building blocks can be spiced up with the proper technology to keep you connected (hint: OneDock), as well as the right music to suit your mood and the task at hand.

But most importantly, keep in mind that “working remotely” does not equal “remotely working” :) Let’s get it done!


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