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One Dashboard or How to Increase Your Productivity

Published: March 17,2020

Morning is here. Snooze alarm a couple of times, stretch and struggle to get up, shower, have breakfast (or skip it because of the snoozes), get dressed and on your way to work. Greet coworkers, have a cup of coffee and dive into… the calendar? Yes, sounds about right.

No meetings yet, so head straight to your work e-mails. Sift through them, flag some, delete others, take time to reply on what seems really urgent. Phew, done with that. Is it already time for lunch? Well, almost. But first, see what you’ve missed on a bunch of your communication channels. Oh, one of those e-mails you took a long time to craft a reply to has already been taken care of by a colleague. Damn.

Rewind to getting at work. Open OneDock. A friendly dashboard greets you with e-mails, tasks, calendar events and recent messages. ALL AT ONCE. Might seem hard to say exactly how much time you just saved, but it certainly falls under “a lot”.


A Quick and Customized Overview

There are many reasons for you to use OneDock in your daily work tasks, but one of the founding pillars of this app is to help you save time. A way to achieve that is by integrating the most important information you need in just one screen. We call that One Dashboard.

Now, there are 5 types of widgets that you can add to this dashboard: Email, Messages, Calendar, Tasks and Files. They can be “filled in” with any of the Integrated apps in the OneDock catalogue and you can have multiple instances of the same widget on your dashboard at the same time, depending on the apps you most need.

Gmail and Outlook coexist just fine, so do WhatsApp and Slack… You are in no way limited to picking just your absolute favorite as far as the dashboard is concerned. The customization is all up to you and it should reflect what you consider to be important. By having everything in sight, you get to manage all your work conveniently in one place, thus speeding up your decision-making process.

You can see in a glimpse your unread mails and messages from authorized apps, updates from social media accounts and uncompleted tasks that need your attention. You can also share files from different Cloud Storage applications, and you can efficiently create and organize tasks.

Very practical and easy to use, with real-time feeds from the most important apps at a glance, the OneDock dashboard gives you more space and comfort, helping you better organize your day. This quick access to the accounts and tools that you use on a daily basis helps you get more done with less distractions. Time management and project management, you’re in for a nice surprise!

Centralize everything and change your daily work routine for the best, jump-starting your productivity with OneDock.



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