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Just go with the flow, close your eyes and picture this: it’s morning. You woke up recently, prepared your coffee and now you sit at your desk. You press the power button of your computer. You sip from your cup, wait for the computer to open and be ready for a new day of work. But first, answer this: what’s the first thing you see when you look at your desktop?

Do you see the wallpaper behind the crowd of icons and folders? Or is your desktop clean and the folders, icons and apps are carefully organized? If your answer is “It could look better”, then you’re in the right place.

Most people find it challenging to organize the computer desktop in a helpful manner. Good thing we thought about this. We have some tips in store that we would like to share with you today.

Reduce stress and find information more easily with these 4 tips for organizing your computer’s desktop

Here are some tips for a decluttered screen to help you gain more peace of mind in the morning, the afternoon, the evening or any time you look at your desktop. Ready?

1. Make a list of applications you use frequently

Depending on your position, you might use a variety of apps for post scheduling, time/task tracking, email accounts, chat, to-do lists, visual tools to organize your work and so on. Perhaps you use daily only three of them and weekly, only five. Take inventory of the apps you need more frequently. These will earn their spot on your desktop screen, while everything else can be hidden away.

Use the rule of ABCD to prioritize which apps to keep on the desktop:

  • A - items you use everyday ( such as internet browser, messaging apps, documents) and should be on your desktop;
  • B - items you use two or three times per week, not so frequently, but it’s good to keep them on your desktop;
  • C - items you use rarely (programs, documents) and do not need to be stored on such a visible location;
  • D - items you never actually use, so don’t keep them on your desktop.

What if we’d tell you there’s an app that can rule them all? Its name is OneDock and it has integration with dozens of helpful tools that will keep your work life properly organized.

How does OneDock make your work life easier?

It’s simple: you download and install it on your desktop, then select and connect all apps you use frequently. You only have to enter your email and social apps credentials one time, because OneDock will remember them and safely store them, with the help of the Password Manager feature.

The OneDock dashboard is 100% customizable. The OneSearch feature will scroll through hundreds of files and messages at the same time, to find the relevant information you need to carry out your projects, based on a single or a few keywords. It’s like a personal browser, you’ve guessed!

By adding your favorite apps and tools into OneDock dashboard, you will optimize your desktop screen, gain clarity and will end the torture of looking at a screen full of icons every single time you open your computer.

Bye-bye app chaos, welcome clarity and peace of mind!

2. Customize your wallpaper

Trigger some inspiration and motivation to accomplish all your daily objectives with interesting wallpapers. When you have fewer icons on your desktop, you leave room for creativity. Add some joy in your schedule by creating a wallpaper with an inspirational quote, to remind you of things that matter the most in your professional journey.

Or, use your wallpaper as an agenda or task planner. Seek for desktop organizer wallpapers on the internet and choose the one that seems right for you. You can have wallpapers split as to-do notes, categorized by a variety of options: “Work”, “Personal”, “To Do”, “Working on”, “To file”, “To Delete” and so on. The sky's the limit.

3. Sort new content when you have some extra time

An organized desktop is a matter of recurrence. Remember: keep in sight only what’s truly important for your work.

We know that when you’re in a rush, it’s tempting to leave everything spread onto your desktop randomly.

Our advice? Choose a day of the week (Friday afternoon, for instance) to save documents, files, banners, videos or any other digital materials in folders properly named and store them in other partitions on the computer. This way, you’ll remain organized and keep track of every piece of work you do over the week.

4. Plan ahead recurring cleaning seasons

You’ll probably say that your calendar is already filled with meetings, calls, reminders and to-dos. Take a closer look and see if you find a loophole to add 10 minutes of desktop organization. Or, if a meeting ends sooner, take advantage of the time left to clean your desktop and overall computer of the unnecessary files, apps or programs that you rarely or never use.

If you don’t like this “task”, let OneDock do the job for you and keep your desktop organized. Stash all apps into its dashboard and use OneSearch to find the information you’re looking for. It’s only a matter of seconds, but you gain peace of mind, more time to focus on your projects and you’ll feel revitalized.

Wouldn’t you like to be in a better mood every day at work? We’re pretty sure you’d do! Get acquainted with OneDock and never worry about how crowded your desktop is, ever again.