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Customize OneDock With Your Favorite Apps

Can an app help increase your productivity? Without a doubt.

Is there an app for everything? Most probably.

March 30,2020
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One Dashboard or How to Increase Your Productivity

Morning is here. Snooze alarm a couple of times, stretch and struggle to get up, shower, have breakfast (or skip it...

March 17,2020
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Spreading the Love - Grab the Special Offer!

What better way to get to know us than by means of a FREE Premium license*?

February 25,2020
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Protect your privacy, even at work

We got used to sharing so much of our personal life that we don’t even care anymore who keeps the data and what they...

February 19,2020
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Why OneDock? A Personal View

Nowadays, for performing a specific work task, as well as for entertainment, we have tens, hundreds or even...

February 10,2020
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A Time-Saving Solution You Have to Try Now – One Search

Did you know that 25% of your time at work is spent searching for documents and information, taking up to 8 searches...

February 7,2020
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This Is Why You Are Here

It was a rather sunny day at the office. We were caught in the haze of cascading emails, calls and meetings, when we...

February 3,2020
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