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Published: February 25,2020

What better way to get to know us than by means of a FREE Premium license*?

Not to mention we are in the official Month of Love. Also, the US Month of, well… Time Management! It’s like the stars have all aligned to bring you the best combo possible: when you optimize the way you work, you get to spend your time on what matters to you. And you are what matters to us.

OK, that was the short version. Now, for the longer version…

Before deciding which plan is right for you, we would like you to take full advantage of what OneDock has to offer and the way to do that is to try it full option. This is why OneDock Premium is 100% FREE until May 31 2020.

In addition to the unified interface, SaaS app catalogue and SaaS marketplace, which are equally available to all users, the Premium license extends the unified dashboard and search features to more than just 3 apps. Basically, the sky is the limit.

This way, you can search for anything across all your SaaS apps, with just one search query, and the most important information you need will always be only one click away in a quick and customized overview.

These being said, it’s high time we introduced you to the Premium-only features that can have a considerable impact on your productivity: custom apps, password manager and cloud synchronization.

Because each of us has different needs, you can take “custom” to a new level by adding your own apps and web pages into OneDock. We will be here to guide you along the way.

The Password Manager is safer and more efficient than any memory supplement you could ever try. Time saving, too. What it does is store all your passwords in OneDock in order to instantly access all your apps without the fuss of logging in and out.

All this under a protective umbrella that acts like a sandbox for your privacy. With OneDock you regain your freedom and stop Facebook & Co from tracking what you do in other SaaS apps. Not only because that’s what you want, but because that’s the way it should be.



Install OneDock now and you can use the premium license for FREE until May 31!

Happy working with OneDock!

In February and beyond.


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Marius is the Account Manager at Interactions Agency and takes care of the OneDock app developed by Deutsche Telekom.

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