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"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." – Halford E. Luccock

Whether you work in a big or small company, the concept of “teamwork” has the same meaning: everyone is specialized in a particular aspect, and they all work together to meet the company objectives. But for a team to function properly, one of the most important aspects is to have a true team leader, someone who can understand what each team member is capable of, who encourages them, gives them proper feedback and boosts their morale whenever necessary.

So if you’re a new team leader, this article’s for you because you will find some very useful tips to consider in your new career path.

Three team collaboration challenges you may face

Lack of motivation

Sometimes one team member may refuse to collaborate with the rest of the team. Expect from them to complain about the way the tasks should be done, to make objections regarding the proposed solutions or to have a negative attitude overall.

As a team leader, it is recommended that you identify the pessimistic team members in your group and maybe have a one-on-one talk to them to understand their point of view. If you let this pass by and don’t try to find out what’s making that person think that way, there are high chances that your entire team’s productivity to decrease and frustration and conflict appear.

A long-term process

It takes time to build an effective team capable of successfully collaborating on all types of projects. So another challenge you should expect as a team leader is never to expect immediate results. Sure there are amazing collaborative tools such as OneDock that can help you a lot in your group projects, but great results will only come with time.

There’s no recipe for success

When you embark on this mission and become a team leader, your first instinct is to browse the internet for the best recipe to become the best leader ever. There are tons of articles, tips and tools to choose from that you might end up feeling overwhelmed with information overload.

The truth is there’s no ultimate guide to store all the team-leading wisdom in the world. You will have to learn the hard way, by trial and error. Try different tools until you find the ones that best work for you and your team. Experiment with various task management techniques. In the end, you will find your own team collaboration recipe that best works for you.

How team leaders can improve team collaboration

Define roles and responsibilities

One of the first and most important aspects to take care of, especially if it’s a newly formed team with you as a team leader, is to clearly define what roles and responsibilities each team member will have.

Even though they are hired on a specific position, such as Copywriter, Digital Marketing Specialist or UX/UI Designer, there may be some things that exceed their job description and that have to be stated from the very beginning. For instance, one of your UI Designers might also be responsible for assigning design tasks to the other designers in the team.

Moreover, remember to review these roles every now and then. Maybe one of your team members wants to take more responsibilities or wants to learn something new. Make sure you are there for them whenever they need support or guidance.

Tool your team up

You work best when you have the proper tools to do your job. And this applies in any circumstance. So make sure that your team has access to the right apps and software.

Choose a communication app that everyone feels comfortable with, a project management tool easy to use by everyone and any other app you may find useful. And in case you end up using too many apps, remember there’s an amazing solution to boost your productivity again and make your life easier: OneDock, the desktop app organizer.

OneDock can bring all your apps and sites to one dashboard only. On one screen, you can have a quick overview of everything you’re interested in, and you can easily switch between them.

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Set clear and realistic goals

Before you set any goals, make sure you understand what your team is capable of. You have to consider that some team members have a slower workflow, while others might be the “Speedy Gonzales” type of people. You have to ensure that everyone in your team feels comfortable about these goals.

The goals should be realistic to be successful. Otherwise, the only things you and your team will meet are more stress and frustration. If your team is new and you don’t know exactly the workflow of each of them, you should consider adjusting the goals on the way. Take your team into a short meeting to talk about the goals set, what they are about and how they are measured. Encourage your team to ask questions if anything is unclear.

Final thoughts

As a new team leader, things may seem challenging. And they truly are but only in the beginning. Once you get into your role, understand your team and ensure there’s only a good vibe floating around, things will get a lot easier.

Don’t forget that one of the most important aspects is to offer your team appropriate tools to work with. OneDock is definitely worth trying because it will save you tons of time. Equip your entire team with the Premium version of the app right away for FREE.