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It was a rather sunny day at the office. We were caught in the haze of cascading emails, calls and meetings, when we decided we really needed a breath of fresh air.

A cheesecake and a brief brainstorming later, we had already declared war to clutter and chaos. On our screens and in our workflows we decided to keep the creative part of it for ourselves.

More space! More comfort! More time! What had started out as frustration, problems and demands, was soon turned into excitement. There was a solution for it all. One that we couldn’t wait to be a part of. OneDock was starting to take shape and it was just delicious.

Yes, we could do this! But not without you.

Months of developing and testing followed. Then there was the Beta launch we’d all been waiting for. Our desktop organizer concept for SaaS apps was well received and we sighed with relief. More importantly, the feedback we got in return was put to good use and each suggestion you have made has helped us turn a good idea into a truly useful product. We took out what was superfluous, improved the design and user experience, added more SaaS apps and functionalities, and launched a new version that you can now enjoy.

As we strongly believe that there is always room for improvement, we are also focused on building an engaged community that encourages sharing thoughts and recommendations which might turn into helpful features for all users. This is an ongoing process and we hope to get you involved. But for that to happen, you must first give OneDock a try, of course. Please know that you can always count on our support.

We didn’t invent the wheel, nor did we discover fire, but we aim to be of help in your work routine as much as possible and we hope to make a difference that you’ll see and feel at the end of the workday.

We are OneDock and we’re happy to meet you!