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Why OneDock? A Personal View

Published: February 10,2020

Nowadays, for performing a specific work task, as well as for entertainment, we have tens, hundreds or even thousands of apps to choose from.

Most of the time we settle for around ten of these and we still feel like there is an email somewhere that we haven’t yet replied to, or a message that we didn’t get to read as soon as it was received.

To top this, we have all of our business and personal files spread throughout tens of cloud storage services, hard drives, flash disks or old laptops, making it impossible for us to have an organized library with our most prized digital belongings.   

As it is obvious that we will not be able to speed up in this direction for too long before crashing, the industry has come up with a safety net for companies, in order to protect them from the risks associated with this accelerated development, while also increasing their efficiency.

This is why the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution will keep automating our activities more and more, as employees and individuals alike.

“I want a robot for every person”

- Daniel Dines, CEO and founder of UiPath, in Forbes magazine

So, what can we do in order to still make a difference at our jobs AND have a sense of purpose in our lives?

Just like Scott Belsky, Adobe Creative Cloud, in “We will shift from a productivity economy to one built on creativity” (The Wired World in 2020), I would stress that what we should do is focus more on creativity and leave the repetitive tasks to robots and software applications.

However, how can we actually achieve this when we still want to answer ASAP to all the hundreds of daily emails and text messages, to not lose any important documents, and to make it on time for all the back-to-back meetings and calls?

One way of doing this is to better organize our digital working space, integrating all the apps and tools we use, in order to easily access the information that we need in real time.

OneDock is doing just that for your professional and personal life, bringing together all the SaaS apps, like emails, calendars, project tools and storage spaces, into ONE dashboard. The latest message is always displayed no matter which app it was sent through, all calendars are merged into one, and with just one click you can search through all your cloud storage accounts.

Saving time means being able to focus on what is really important to you and on what brings value to your family, business or community. After all, time IS the most valuable resource we have, and it has been that way for centuries.

So, take a first step towards organizing your work by trying out OneDock. If you feel like you haven’t been fully convinced by it within 30 days, you can simply go back to navigating through tens of SaaS apps daily without owing us a dime.

My recommendation: Regain your time and use it for what you truly love!



Alexandru Isbasoiu is managing the sales process for OneDock while working in the Group Partnering and Business Development team of Deutsche Telekom.


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