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You Need More Than Just a Classic Browser

Published: May 13,2020

A regular workday is made up of multiple tasks carried out in various apps and a bunch of browser tabs. It is this high count of absolutely everything that makes it feel so overwhelming. This is why having all of your favorite tools in one place makes such a difference for your focus, your productivity and, of course, your peace of mind.

While a classic browser is great for, well, browsing, what you actually need for work is OneDock – both a desktop organizer software and, why not, a smart browser.


Priceless Privacy

Big data tracking is real and protecting your privacy should always be your main concern. Whether you wish to keep your private and business personas separate, or you simply do not want your activity tracked and shared between different SaaS apps, the best thing to do is to keep those social accounts sandboxed. This is exactly what OneDock does for you.

To top that, it comes with an integrated password manager that saves all your passwords locally, instead of the ever popular (but less secure) cloud storage.


Smart Multitasking

Is it possible to log into multiple accounts at the same time? Yes, it is. Instead of opening several browser windows for your personal and your work-related email and social media accounts, in OneDock you can easily toggle between multiple instances of the same app: Outlook, Gmail, WhatsApp, Office 365, you name it.

Connect all of your email accounts and access your favorite tools in just one place – one workspace for everything! Having no more chaos tampering with your focus, you can stay organized and be more productive. And in a better mood.


Unified Search

Another thing a classic browser cannot do? Searching through more than one tab at once. OneDock offers you the quickest way to find what you are looking for, as it takes just one search to sift through several integrated apps: emails, files, to-dos, notes, contacts…


And that’s not all! This online organizer also brings you enhanced screen optimization and a customized dashboard providing you with the most important information you need at a glance. A smart app choice for working smarter.



Catalin is managing OneDock within Deutsche Telekom as part of Group Partnering and Business Development team to DT.


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