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Your Favorite Apps in Just One Workspace – Why and How

Published: August 4,2020

Technological developments constantly improve our capacity to work remotely and current forecasts show that this trend will still be in the spotlight even after social distancing guidelines are lifted this summer.


Without OneDock

With OneDock 😊

First thing you do in the morning is open a bunch of apps for e-mail, messaging, planning, and so on. You log into each and everyone of them, and then Alt-Tab frantically back and forth.

You just open OneDock, log into your account and gain instant access to all your previously connected SaaS apps, available at any time in the sidebar menu.

When you are desperately trying to find a piece of information and do not know where to look for it, you just have to search in every app you ever used to discuss that topic, both with your team and with external collaborators. Quite stressful, frustrating, and basically such a waste of time! 

OneDock integrated apps benefit from the so-called Unified Search feature. It means exactly what you would expect it to mean: with just one search query, you get to sift through all those apps, whether e-mails, instant messages, task lists, calendar events, and so on. It is simply the quickest way to find what you're looking for.

Your station is cluttered with a lot of open apps and browser tabs and this makes it hard for you to focus on the task at hand.

You gain extra space on your screen and have all the premises for staying organized and focused, without external distractions.


In a nutshell, connecting the apps you need on a daily basis in a single interface helps you better focus and even save time, which in turn help you be more productive and reduce stress.

Now, let us see how to do add your favorite apps to OneDock, step by step:

1. Create a OneDock account or use one of your social accounts to log in.
2. In order to connect your apps to OneDock, click on the plus sign in the bottom left corner. This opens up our App Catalog.
3. Type in the search field to find the app you are looking for, or use the filters on the right to only show specific app categories, such as Calendar, CRM, Documents, Email, Files, Project Management, Social Media, To-do lists...
4. Once you find the app you want, click on it and choose either “Add and keep adding” or “Add and open”, the latter allowing you to connect your account in that app and save it in OneDock’s safe Password Manager.
5. If a SaaS app you want to add is not in our current list, click on “Add app with link (URL)”. In the dialog that opens you can add the name of the app, the link you use to access it in your standard browser and you can pick a suggestive icon to associate it with in OneDock’s sidebar menu.


Now that you know OneDock’s unified interface is the solution to your productivity needs and also how you can customize your workstation with your favorite apps, it is high time you put this information to good use.

Happy working with OneDock and... No more chaos!



Alexandru Isbasoiu is managing the sales process for OneDock while working in the Group Partnering and Business Development team of Deutsche Telekom.


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